Dangerous Minds Alexandroupolis

Dangerous Minds store is located in one of the most central roads in Alexandroupolis and is the first of the three stores under the same brand. A complete renovation of the place was necessary in order to meet needs and be harmonized with the other two stores that IOMA architectural office has designed in Komotini and Athens.

The two-storey shop includes a ground floor of 40m² and a spacious basement of 130 m². The layout of the ground floor has completely changed. The reception counter is placed next to the entrance in order to offer an instant welcome to customers. The reception furniture is designed with extra clear triplex glass, mirror and black steel in order to be harmonized with the rest of the place.
The revelation of the stone at the right wall at the ground floor till the height of the attic and the white coloring of the rest of the walls give an intense repoussé, and with the implementation of the linear shelving from white steel create a mild but interesting background for the shoes presentation. On the floor, formed with white forged cement in both levels, lie marble boxes at the same length of the metal shelves above, which contribute in a discreet way to a complete shoes display.
The sense of a ‘box in a box’ of the upper floor, has been accomplished with the detachment of its volume from the other elements with a linear lighting along the double height of the wall and the ceiling, making this separation more intense. The formation of a linear vertical window and the creation of a factitious balcony, intensify the illusion of a separate unit in the greater scenery.
The access to the basement is being held with a minimal linear black stair. The basement layout has been totally redefined, since part of the old storage room has been attached to a new room for meetings. In opposition to the mostly white ground floor, there is a dominance of black color at the metal elements of wall coverings and clothing hanger systems, whereas the white color can be found only at the floor and the background of the walls.
Linear freestanding display boxes of white Calacatta marble, mirror, white and black lac are being placed in the middle of the plan in order to be accessible by all customers. These linear marble boxes are also being used as sitting areas.
The chat room finally has been diverged from the rest of the place with a glass paneled wall that offers partial privacy from the public with optic vision to be constrained. Thus the customer is able to see the green planting on the wall behind the white metallic cladding, giving a third color at the greater scenery of an absolute black and white palette.

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